PPE Vending Machines SB

The MyPPE Vending Machine
MyPPE Vending is currently placing 100 PPE vending machines in high traffic locations!
Protect your customers today!
MyPPE Vending Machines are offered at no cost to your business!

Provide your customers safe and easy access to personal protective equipment (PPE), safety products, medical supplies, and disinfecting supplies with the MyPPE Vending Machine. With social distancing being the new norm, your customers are encouraged to reduce the amount of face-to-face interaction. MyPPE Vending offers a seamless, contactless transaction allowing all of your customers to access the essential PPE and safety products they need to feel safe.

Safety and PPE products are in high demand and offer an opportunity to meet consumer demand, while generating a new source of revenue for your business. In addition, the MyPPE Vending Machine provides a solution to consumers’ demands for contactless transaction experiences and helps ensure they are limiting potential exposure points.

Contact MyPPE Vending today to learn how your business can take advantage of our PPE Vending Machine Revenue Sharing Program for your high traffic location.

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